01.17.16New Recordings due out soon!!

Excited about some new recordings projects due to come out soon. The Organ Trio that Myself Dave Sander-Guitar, Gavin McCauley-Drums have formed will be releasing a full length record with mostly original tunes! Please feel free to listen to some of the recordings on the listen selection of my website.

I am also very excited to be helping vocalist Melissa Meehan put the finishing touches on her new record "Songs for Peace". She has completed a work of all human rights songs that will be sold to benefit the Selah Freedom Project. The Musicians who played on this record are as follows, Melissa Meehan-Vocals, Guitar, Najwa Parkins-Vocals/Composition, Chris Simonini-Keys, Kevin Ripley-Drums, Gavin McCauley-Drums, Justin Sekelewski-Bass.